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Presidium aims at all round development of a child's personality by encouraging them to explore, identify and hone their innate skills and talents. With Students’ Council, we provide them an opportunity to develop leadership qualities by giving them responsibilities. Being a representative body, the elected students act as an interface between students and concerned authorities for identifying and addressing the concerns that directly or indirectly affect students.

Satvik Aggarwal
Head Boy
Prachi Pahwa
Head Girl
Nakul Juneja
Sports Captain - Boy
Amaira Singh Balyan
Sports Captain - Girl
Aafreen Kaur
Club President of SUPREMES
Reet Khurana
Club Vice President of SUPREMES
Simran Aggarwal
Cultural Coordinator of SUPREMES
Shivangi Kohli
Sports Perfect - Girl of SUPREMES
Tushaar Raghuvanshi
Sports Perfect - Boy of SUPREMES
Navya Verma
Perfect 1 of SUPREMES
Hannu Saraf
Perfect 2 of SUPREMES
Hardika Kataria
Club President of LEGENDS
Mehak Jain
Club Vice President of LEGENDS
Akshita Taneja
Cultural Coordinator of LEGENDS
Smridhi Vyas
Sports Perfect - Girl of LEGENDS
Rhythm S Rathi
Sports Perfect - Boy of LEGENDS
Aryan Salooja
Prefect 1 of LEGENDS
Dev Pahwa
Prefect 2 of LEGENDS
Abhinav Rajput
Club Vice President of MAESTROS
Anushka Agarwal
Cultural Coordinator of MAESTROS
Tina Goyal
Sports Prefect - Girl of MAESTROS
Arpit Singhal
Sports Prefect - Boy of MAESTROS
Rhea Bhambri
Prefect 1 of MAESTROS
Simran Gautam
Prefect 2 of MAESTROS
Shivani Kansal
Club President of ELITES
Priyansh Aggarwal
Club Vice President of ELITES
Sanchit Goel
Cultural Coordinator of ELITES
Harshnoor Kaur
Sports Perfect - Girl of ELITES
Ashutosh Agarwal
Sports Perfect - Boy of ELITES
Navya Arora
Prefect 1 of ELITES
Yash Dahiya
Prefect 2 of ELITES
Manika Bhatia
Club President of VICTORS
Kashish Khanduja
Club Vice President of VICTORS
Radhika Singal
Cultural Coordinator of VICTORS
Isha Maheshwari
Sports Perfect - Girl of VICTORS
Shivam Agarwal
Sports Perfect - Boy of VICTORS
Shivanshi Tiwari
Prefect 1 of VICTORS
Charchit Pahwa
Prefect 2 of VICTORS
Roopal Dahiya
Club President of LEADERS
Priya Gupta
Club Vice President of LEADERS
Samridhi Dhingra
Cultural Coordinator of LEADERS
Bibek Kaur
Sports Perfect - Girl of LEADERS
Chetan Kedia
Sports Perfect - Boy of LEADERS
Shubham Tayal
Prefect 1 of LEADERS
Fiza Singh
Prefect 2 of LEADERS



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